Bowling is just like parenting!

I recently went bowling with friends.  It has been years since I was bowling so I was very much out of practice.   When I got into the swing of things I had a thought how bowling is very much like parenting, our aim is to hit a perfect full strike but it is not as easy as it looks.  First you need to decide whether to throw your ball at high speed force or gently, so the ball can roll freely and smoothly without going off track.  Then, as we discovered that night, some of us threw at high speed force and the ball bounced and slid off track, they were too aggressive and pushy, but we never gave up as we got a  2nd shot to throw it again.  As time went on, we learned to keep the ball close and gently throw it towards the skittles.  Other bowlers came right in to give us guidance and support and we listened as we really wanted a full, perfect strike.  Using all our capacity, logic, thought and our inexperience, we aimed and began to realise our capacity to throw, at what speed and with what weight.  Some people can throw a 12kg ball, others are more able for a 8kg and others in between.  It is different for everyone and some of us slipped along the way but overall, our intention was to get a full strike.  So parenting is like that, trying so hard to keep our little ones on track, they will go off track but with patience, understanding your own capacity on what you can hold, and sheer determination, you can continue to aim to take your child to the next level of their life and know you’ve done the best possible job even though your hand and heart has ached from trying.


~ by Sharon on March 5, 2017.

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